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Initial corridor recommendations presented at joint meeting

On May 22, 2024, a joint meeting of the Steering Committee and Business/ Property Owners group was held to review initial recommendations for the Wabash Avenue streetscape. The session followed an input session offered by the Chamber of Commerce.

The information and recommendations presented for Wabash Avenue, and the feedback gathered have been combined within the summary document linked below. A copy of the presentation and all provided board material is also linked for reference.

Steering Commtitee and Business Owner Presentation_052224
Download PDF • 11.59MB

SC Meeting and Business Owners Meeting Summary_052224
Download PDF • 875KB

Meeting Boards_Typologies
Download PDF • 8.91MB

Meeting Boards_Diagrams
Download PDF • 14.23MB

Meeting Boards_Amenities
Download PDF • 8.22MB

Corridor Roll Plot
Download PDF • 15.99MB

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