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Groups participate in development of scenarios along Wabash Avenue

On December 14, 2023, and February 7, 2024, the project steering committee and business/ property owner group participated in a work session to discuss viable alternatives for the long-term design of Wabash Avenue.

The purpose of these meetings was to review the process to date, update input and public outreach activities, and present initial streetscape typologies for the corridor. Both the steering committee and a group of business and property owners were presented with the same information and were asked to work through the same activities. The steering committee met in December, with the business/ property owners group meeting in February.

The presentation materials and combined summary can be accessed using the links below.

Steering Committee and Business Owners Presentation_121323
Download PDF • 9.94MB

Download PDF • 6.94MB

Corridor Roll Plot_Summary
Download PDF • 844KB

SC Meeting and Business Owners Summary
Download PDF • 259KB

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